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Myrtle Beach Villas II (mbvii) is the only property in central Myrtle Beach catering to larger groups (more than 4 bedrooms) at anywhere close to this price point when considering a per person vacation rate.  MBVII consists of four bedroom and six bedroom villas, or condos, so is ideal for larger groups that visit Myrtle Beach and who wish to stay together rather than split up across several hotel rooms. 

All of the condos (villas) are individually owned and operated so quality varies tremendously.  We are the majority owners having four six bedroom villas in the facility and are also the only original owners left in the buildings.  The 2008 financial and real estate crisis took its toll but we believed, and continue to believe, that this facility is unique in Myrtle Beach because of its central location and high square footage and are determined to remain owners providing great value vacations for regular folks wishing to visit the beach. Our four six bedroom villas in the facility offer the best access to the beach and the pool area.

Our villas are all brightly furnished with beach themes so our pictures do get copied and placed on other sites.  We also advertise on other sites too, for example Homeaway and VRBO, but here you are working directly with us, no middle men, no additional fees, we have the best most flexible policies right here as well as the best service for our guests that talk to us directly and book with us directly.

Despite the great value we strive to create an exceptional experience for our guests by including better fixtures, fittings and service that most, if not all, the other villas cannot match. For example, a game room, custom granite banquet table, blackout curtains, patio swings and hammocks, and, very importantly an extra level of checking after the cleaners have prepared the villa.

A large part of what separates us from the others is that we manage our villas ourselves.  A property management company having dozens of properties has little interest in individual properties and only that they can accommodate a guest in one of their many properties on their books.  Maintenance and cleanliness take a back seat for them.  We know, as when we first started, we placed our property in a rental pool only to discover how quickly it deteriorated.  We avoid all the property manager problems by having our own excellent dedicated local management and maintenance staff that help us keep our villas in the best condition, and as clean, as possible during the hectic summer season.  The same staff are all on retainer over the winter season, which is unheard of in this industry as we value their work that much.  Hopefully, you will too!

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Ocean Blue Villa

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Sunset Red Villa

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Sunrise Red Villa

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Sky Blue Villa

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