About Us

What makes our villas different is what we put in them (granite tables, etc.), how we look after them and the people we have behind the business. The owners', Andy and Angela, bought their first villa in 2007 and have gradually acquired other villas over the years to the point where they now have four six-bedroom villas in this facility and are now the majority owners.

We like to make this fun too! You're going on vacation. No reams of paperwork here and phones not answered making your reservation a headache. We can promise you it'll be as easy as is possible to stay with us. You will talk to me as I'm the person that answers the phone. I'm the CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) of the operation, pictured right, and will get the ball rolling with your vacation. I'm talking to the CWO (Chief Wine Officer) and partner in crime. She's responsible for well, spending any profit on wine really. We do cut her some slack as she does work in corporate America so is somewhat silent and behind the scenes but does help with admin like, you know; licenses, paying our taxes, ordering, Taxes, bills, TAXES!

Just like the Amazons and Apples of the world we too have a CEO (Chief Everything Officer), Here she is! You will talk to Marlysa too. She is the glue that keeps everything running smoothly at the beach and will be in touch with important information if you stay with us. Marlysa also answers the phone and fields calls from our guests while they are at the beach. We get comments all the time about how helpful Marlysa is and how she solved a problem for someone.

There you have it. Just normal folks trying to get by providing normal folks with vacations. We look forward to talking to you and providing you with a great time at a great price!